Founders’ Days & World Thinking Day

Founders’ Days

Worldwide in nearly all Scout associations, Founders’ Day is celebrated on February 22, the birthday of Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell (born in 1857), the founder of Scouting, and coincidentally also of his wife Olave Baden-Powell (born in 1889).

Individual associations also celebrate their own founding on other dates, although these are generally restricted to “major” anniversaries, such as a decennial. Girl Scouts of the USA celebrate Founders Day on October 31, the birthday of Juliette Low. Read more »

Day 9 & 10: Largest Scout Pioneering Bird Nest Structure construction process

Day 9
It’s Christmas Eve today, and the team is going to perform finalize touch up on the structure already. 1 of the team was checking on all the railing handles on the structure and make sure that all of them were there. Another team was making sure that all the ‘rooftop’ of the structure was symmetry throughout the whole structure and lastly, all the girls were busying decorating the structure with some bamboo strip to give it a sense of Birdnest.

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Day 7 & 8: Largest Scout Pioneering Bird Nest Structure construction process

Day 7
With the assistance of extra workforce and nice weather, the team continued the construction on level 3’s platform. Other workforces were also busying on doing the finishing touch up in the structure itself such as the handle and some minor defect. The team managed to get 50% of level 3’s platform done by the end of the day.

Day 8
Due to completion was around the corner, the team was speeding up after they were split into 2 teams and rushed for the progress of level 3’s platform. 1 important point of the day was, the Bird Nest finally got its own staircase to ease the climb. By the end of the day, both of the team had completed their job and the structure is now more than 90% of completion.

Day 5 & 6: Largest Scout Pioneering Bird Nest Structure construction process

Day 5
With the increase of working force today, the team managed to start the construction at different part of the structure. While 1 team continued to lay the rest of the platform at level 2, the other team starting to set in the trestles at level 2. The last team continued to build the platform for level 3 and was able to finish 25% of it by the end of the day 5’s construction. This was the first time the structure’s height exceed 10m since the beginning of the construction, the team was getting another step closer to their target.

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Day 4: Largest Scout Pioneering Bird Nest Structure construction process

Day 4
In day 4, finally the team had finished all the vertical poles on the structure. Now, they are focusing on laying the platform onto level 2 of the structure, this is also a time consuming process and very unluckily, a heavy rain by the late noon of the day stopped the construction process. However, the team had managed to start the construction of second layer of platform just before the end of the day 4’s construction.

Day 3: Largest Scout Pioneering Bird Nest Structure construction process

Day 3
On the third day, the construction process continued with setting in the vertical poles whereas another team of the member started to connect all the quad-pod at level 2. At the same time, for those who are too junior to climb up the structure, they were responsible to add trestle at every connecting point of the level 1 quad-pod. By the end of the day, the team had managed to complete almost half of the connection at level 2 of the structure

Day 2: Largest Scout Pioneering Bird Nest Structure construction process

Flash Back : Day 2
The second day of construction mainly is about setting in the vertical pole into their respective position after the connection between each set of quad-pod. Before this, the team member had already prepared 246 set of vertical pole which is at the length of 2 ‘Bakau’ wood. The team had managed to set in more than a quarter of the total amount in the day.

8 JANUARY : death of scout founder

Yesterday 8 JANUARY remember the death of our founder Robert Baden-Powell In “Paxtu” in the land he loved, Baden-Powell step the last days of his life resting. By fixing his gaze through the woods, on the snowy summit of Mount Kenya his thinking was in the scouts And one day Baden-Powell knew that his time on earth was coming to an end, he sat down to write his last message to Scouts, message you want them to read once they have died. He died peacefully on January 8, 1941, a group of soldiers and scouts, in which black and white mixed led him to his final resting place in the shadow of Mount Kenya. A commemorative plaque was placed later in Westminster Abbey in the capital of the British Empire which honors and remembers the great men. Today, tomorrow and every day somewhere in the universe, a boy is making his first Scout Promise, a promise which Baden-Powell as the established, to do everything possible to live a life of brotherhood and understanding, try to get that peace on earth has been promised to men of good will.
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Day 1: Largest Scout Pioneering Bird Nest Structure construction process

Flash Back: Day 1 After the marking on the ground last week, the first day of the construction started with opening all the quad-pods which is in total, 82 quad-pods. This took the construction team whole day time to do it as the opening of quad-pod and set it at the right place which we’d marked is a time consuming process. After this all the quad-pod was connected by 2 ‘Bakau’ wood at the bottom to lock them at their respective position.

Management of mangrove wood in Malaysia

Mangrove forest is under the authority of the Forestry Department. Of the three states in Malaysia, there is one in each of them. The practice of mangrove management in Malaysia is different from state to state. The Matang Mangrove in Malaysia is one of the best mangrove management in the world.


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